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Welcome to our Green Living! page. We offer loads of articles with tips and much more! Remember return often as articles and links are frequently updated.



Simple Ways to Make Any Car Run More Efficiently
Oil prices may have declined from this summer's record-breaking highs for now, but automotive fuel efficiency is still on the minds of families across America.

Shopping for Affordable Organic Foods Has Never Been Easier
Providing a family with nutritious, well-balanced meals is hard enough for busy consumers, but in today's changing economy, affordability is also a factor. While it may seem like the cost of everything from gas to groceries is on the rise, the good news is that you can feed your entire family organic and natural foods at a lower cost without having to make an extra trip to a specialty health food store.

Important Information to Know When Tire Shopping
The mechanic gave you the news at your last oil change. Lincoln's head doesn't hide between the treads anymore, and with the winter season upon us, you really need to get new tires.

Easy, Green Home Decorating Projects
"Going green" has gone beyond recycling cans and eating organic food. Americans are embracing the environmental and cost benefits of repurposing old items they might once have thrown away. Here are a few ideas for easy, green decorating projects.

Garden Superstars for Spring 2009
From picture-perfect roses to containers that are works of art, spring 2009 promises wonderful color and exciting new products for garden lovers everywhere.

Ten Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home
Water is a precious resource and even though it flows readily whenever we turn on a faucet, it's important to conserve. Water is vital to the environment, and conserving water helps our critical ecosystems, but saving water also saves you money. You don't have to make major lifestyle changes to conserve water in your home; there are easy ways to accomplish the environmentally friendly task.

Make this a Garden Season to Enjoy
The catalogues are starting to pile up and the list of landscape improvements grows longer each day. Don't let this overwhelm or discourage you. Instead spend a bit of time planning now for better results in your garden.

Guilt-free Showers? New Solar Technology Makes it Possible
The average household with an electric water heater spends about 25 percent of its home energy costs on heating water, according to the Department of Energy. Today, affordable, lightweight, all-polymer solar hot water systems can sit on your roof and provide for up to 50 percent of your home's hot water needs.

Go Green, Give Green, Save Green for the Holidays
There's no question that these days we are all more focused on green - both in terms of the environment and our pocketbooks. However, the holidays can often be a challenge for both with the abundance of parties, shopping and overall excess that accompanies this time of year.

Eco-friendly Home Decorating Made Easy
Take a look around at some of the products being sold by your favorite retailers today and you'll see that "going green" isn't just a catch phrase anymore; it's a way of living. In fact, there are more environmentally-friendly home-decorating products to choose from than ever before.

Purr-fectly 'Green' Cat Care Tips
Your cat personifies the graceful, enviable sure-footedness of her species. But what about her eco-footprint? Your can become a "greener" cat owner with these simple steps.

It's Not Hard To Be Green
DIY. So last year. Now it's GIY. As in green-it-yourself. And just like DIY projects, there are plenty of easy GIY weekend home improvement projects that will save energy and money and add value to your home. Oh, and we should mention you can help protect the planet while you're at it.

Add Warmth to Bathrooms in Cold Weather
The last place you want to be on a chilly morning is barefoot on your cold bathroom floor waiting for the icy shower to heat up. There are many ways to warm up the bath and make it a place you look forward to luxuriating in as the weather turns cool.

Performance Meets Style as Products Go Eco-chic in the Bath
While the green movement has hit mainstream America, there are still a number of homeowners who think going green means sacrificing performance and style -- especially in the bathroom. Thankfully, manufacturers in the bath products arena have made great strides to create products that are not only stylish, but also offer superior performance and quality ... all while offering sustainable benefits.

Line Drying Makes Going Green a Breeze
The clothesline is coming back. Americans are now looking at the clothesline, or solar dryer, as a way to save money on energy and clothing replacement costs, and reduce their impact on the environment.

Cut Flowers: All-natural Stress Busters
Work deadlines, parenting struggles, family time pressures and relationship challenges -- modern life is full of stress. The good news is there is an all-natural, relatively low-cost way to relieve stress and beautify your home at the same time -- cut flowers.

Looking for the Fuel of the Future
American interest in alternative fuel technologies stems from concerns about the environment and also from this country's dependence on foreign oil. With more than 2 billion vehicles expected to be on the roads worldwide by the middle of the century, a little anxiety is understandable. To meet this growing global demand for energy, scientists are developing alternative transport fuels that you may pump into the tank of your car some day.

Simple Solutions for Saving Hundreds at the (Toilet) Tank
Water conservation is becoming a household necessity due to more states declaring drought emergencies each year. Plus, not only does water conservation help the environment, but it also puts less strain on the pocketbook.

Top Ten 2009 Gardening Trends
The top gardening trends for 2009 reveal a resurgence in perennials, growing native plants, creating "blended" gardens using vegetables and herbs in flower beds, cultivating with best practices, planting to attract wildlife and going local.

Resolved to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in 2009? Think Packaging
You conserved energy in 2007 by installing programmable thermostats in your home. In 2008, you replaced your home's incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent lights. If you're wondering what you can do in 2009 to further reduce your carbon footprint, just take a look at product packaging.

Take Endangered Marlin Off The Menu
The next time you're in a restaurant and see marlin on the menu, "just say no." That's the message of a new, nationwide campaign called "Take Marlin Off the Menu," which is urging consumers to stop eating marlin, and restaurants to take marlin and other billfish such as sailfish and spearfish off their menus.

Time to Rethink Your Plumbing Options
If you haven't built a new home or taken on a major bathroom or kitchen remodeling project in recent years, you might not be aware that today's plumbing options are very different than they once were.

Holiday Decorating With a Green Twist
When it comes to the holidays, nothing says welcome like a well-adorned home exterior. From wreaths to holiday lights to fresh greenery, even the simplest home designs can transform into magical settings with the addition of exterior decorating elements.

Going Green: New Eco-Friendly Options for Your Home
If you're like the majority of Americans, you care about the environment -- so much so that you're willing to change your spending habits to go green. According to a recent survey by Information Resources, Inc., a leading provider of retail market intelligence, half of all U.S. consumers consider at least one eco-friendly factor when shopping for consumer products, and it appears green living is taking root at home.

Buying Eco-friendly Cabinets Brings Environmental Responsibility Closer to Home
Kitchen experts agree -- cabinets likely will take up about half of the kitchen renovation budget, so it's vital for homeowners wanting to "green" their kitchens to choose a quality cabinet manufacturer with roots in environmental sustainability.

Reuse and Rejoice: Eco-chic Gift Ideas that Give Back
The holidays are a time of celebration, where goodwill is spread and gifts are exchanged with loved ones. As more people go green and give back in all aspects of their lives, it's no surprise that great gifts now embrace this concept. This year, give something different that is sure to make everyone smile. Here are some easy and affordable eco-chic gift ideas.

How to Cut Heating and Cooling Costs without Cutting Comfort
Heating and cooling systems account for 56 percent of energy used in a typical home, making it the largest energy expense for most households, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Making smarter decisions about your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can help you save money on your monthly utility bills.

Six Greener Ways to Stay Warm this Winter
With cool weather on the way you may be wondering just how you'll manage to maintain your eco-friendly habits and stay warm at the same time. While your home, like most in America, will likely rely on fossil fuels for heat for years to come, it's still possible to have a "greener" winter. Here are six simple ways to stay green and warm this winter.

Protect Your Home From Rising Energy Costs
With high winter heating bills in the forecast, many homeowners are investing in home improvements that can help save them money by reducing their demand for home heating fuel and their home's overall energy consumption.

Passing the Buck . . . and the Doe and the Fawn
After generations of dwelling in close proximity to humans, modern deer aren't afraid of us anymore. Hungry and bold, when winter comes, deer aren't afraid to help themselves to a meal in your back yard. Natural deterrents work best to keep deer away from your landscaping.

Easy Tips for Throwing an Eco-friendly Celebration
Planning a celebration for an upcoming holiday, a birthday party or a baby shower? Please your guests and the planet by taking part in the latest party planning trend -- eco-friendly parties and events.

Eco-friendly Bath Updates on a Budget
Think you need to be extreme to do some green remodeling and make a lasting impact? Think again! There are small steps you can take to go green on a budget -- and the bathroom is a great place to start.

Glam, Gorgeous and Green Entertaining
So you've made the environmentally conscious choice to be green this year . . . but how will this decision impact your entertaining?

The Added Benefits of Environmentally-friendly Construction
Two of the hallmarks of green building are energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Skylights can improve both, and incentives and rebates are available to help defray the extra costs and keep green building affordable.

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